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Best 40 Krieg Quotes in borderlands 2-3

Best 40 Krieg Quotes in borderlands 2-3

Krieg Quotes are about one of Borderland 2’s main characters. He is the game’s sixth playable psycho character. On March 24, 2013, Borderland 2 revealed his character.

who is Krieg?


Krieg is introduced to players while he is roaming Pandora’s wasteland with his buzz axe, destroying bandits. When Maya first meets Krieg. He appeared to be very aggressive. She launches an attack on Kreig by opening fire on him. This attack unintentionally frightens the rat groups. She was so focused on Krieg’s attack that she didn’t notice rats approaching her from behind. Krieg later saves her by throwing his ax at rats. Their feud develops into a genuine friendship. Borderlands Krieg Quotes are very popular among teenagers who enjoy playing video games.
Krieg demonstrates his acting skills with the Buzz axe Rampage. He also has three skill trees to choose from: Mania, Bloodlust, and Hellborn.

borderlands krieg quotes

The following are some of the most famous Borderland Krieg Quotes and Krieg Borderland 2 and Borderland 3  Quotes:

1. “She can taste the bloody hatred!” ― Krieg


2. “Looks like them Duke boys are in a beck of trouble.” ― Krieg

3. “I’ll never forget the way her holes cried… The way she screamed in agony as she pushed the knife slowly into my sternum… Such a beautiful symphony of feelings, and at the end of it, she was so much greater! My operatic diva of flesh and steel.” ― Krieg


4. “NIPPLE SALADS! Nipple salads… NIPPLE SALADS! By far the best.” ― Krieg

5. “I powdered my cockatiel for the ribcage slaughter.” ― Krieg


6. “You don’t die today, you die everyday.” ― Krieg

7. “I know what I have become… I am the inside of this world… I taste the gore, and I smell the crying… AND I WANT MORE! I want to bathe in your flesh, I want to savor your fear. I wanna live inside a castle built of your agony, AND I WANT TO CRUMBLE IT WITH AN AXE TO YOUR CAROTID ARTERY.” ― borderlands krieg quotes


8. “Too many iconsssss.” ― krieg borderlands quotes

borderlands krieg quotes
borderlands krieg quotes

9. “’Laughs’ Your liver is a hood ornament.” ― bl2 krieg quotes


10. “I looked into the heart of darkness, and i ate it all!.” ― Best bl2 Krieg Quotes

krieg the psycho quotes

11. “That’s the stuff! I’m gonna put my pain into your soul!” ― Krieg

12. “I wanna ride a meat bicycle.” ― Krieg

13. “You’re gonna scream, just like she did; open mouth, open heart, blood and noise forever piercing my skull, poisoning me with its psychopathic purple liquid. We watched it all, and felt the knife edge split down the middle… CAN YOU HEAR ME?.” ― Krieg

14. “I have the shiniest meat bicycle.” ― bl2 krieg quotes


15. “I’m going to murder your death.” ― Krieg

krieg borderlands quotes

16. “Box cover, box cover! I’m the one who eats the stardom! I’m the hero of all the villains! You can’t swallow my morality like a lollipop pill! I’ll run around your mind and set the world record with my meat sleeves.” ― Krieg


17. “Why did your BLOOD stop singing its sweet song.” ― Krieg


18. “Mahahaha! My mind is on fire.” ― Krieg


19. “The choices are pretzling my lobe? But which one makes the prettiest noise?.” ― Krieg


20. “You’re in my spot.” ― Krieg


21. “The prince of justice and genocide has something to say: Gone are the days of the tentacle and the age of the gods’ mercy is far away…We are the fighters of the middle, the second act in the three-part MEAT play, AND I WILL WIN BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR.” ― Krieg


22. “I’m here to shank and smile.” ― Krieg


23. “Sometime i’ll be out of this hell and you’ll be gone” “NIPPLE SALAT.” ― Krieg


24. “There is no me, there is no you! There is only the never ending spit and bile of combat! The twenty-four hour murder spree of shining metal! I drink the blood and eat the loot and breathe the numbers, because I! AM! A MONSTER! NOW AND FOREVER.” ― Krieg

borderlands krieg best quotes

25. “Kill the ones you love! Do it.” ― Krieg


26. “I’m gonna kill you all, I’m gonna kill your friends and your family, I’m gonna track down your grandparents and turn them inside-out, nobody can stop the blood train that will turn your loved ones into a red splatter across the tracks of humanity!.” ― Krieg


27. “There’s no barbeque until I say there’s a barbeque.” ― Krieg


28. “I’m the conductor of the poop train.” ― Krieg

borderlands quotes krieg

29. “Over here, my sweet meats, your prince of justice and genocide has something to say: Gone are the days of the tentacle and the age of the gods and mercy is far away… We are fighters of the middle, the second act in the three-part MEAT play, AND I WILL WIN BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR!.” ― Krieg


30. “Swing the axe and drink the health!.” ― Krieg

31. “Pitiful people prepare, plead plentifully plentiful platitude phenomenal patriot pounds, poundingly perverse puppets pulping, pleasantly, putrid pasties.” ― Krieg


32. “I’ll slice off your eyelids so you can watch the end.” ― Krieg


33. “Nobody kills me but ME.” ― Krieg

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34. “Thank you for riding the Psycho Express, Toot-toot! All aboard, I’ll be collecting your tickets, we have beverages in the DINING CAR.” ― Krieg

35. “How can I snap your neck if you don’t have one?.” ― Krieg

36. “POOPED OUT BY THE VENGEFUL RICTUS! ” ―borderlands 3 krieg

37. “A KNOTTED GUT? TWO KNIVES ENTWINED.” ― borderlands 3 krieg

38. “UNENDING CATASTROPHE!” ― borderlands 3 krieg

39. “GNASH THE TEETH! POOP IN THE CHALICE! HA-HA!” ― borderlands 3 krieg


40. “LICK THE WOMBAT! FLAY UNTIL DAWN!” ― borderlands 3 krieg

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These are all quotes from The Psycho Krieg. Krieg is still missing Maya in Borderland 3. There is no evidence that Krieg was transformed into a psychotic killer; however, the borderland itself provides evidence of a contradictory personality in the past. He also has an inner voice in his head that is a relic of his psycho. He is available on Steam, PlayStation, and Microsoft Points for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox on 14th May 2013.

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