Hair loss solution: Causes and Tips to live with Hair loss

Hair loss solution: Causes and Tips to live with Hair loss

Baldness is a phenomenon that affects millions of people around the world. Very often, this situation can damage the morale of these people. Indeed, the onset of baldness can cause a decrease in self-esteem and self-confidence. As a result, the well-being of the people concerned is reduced.
What is hair loss causes? How to live with it and regain your self-confidence? I give you more explanations through this article.

Hair loss causes

hair loss causes

There are many causes of baldness. The main cause of this condition is the presence of a large amount of male hormone in the body.

Hair loss causes: Hormone

The excess of these hormones known as androgens is hereditary. We speak in this case of androgenic alopecia. These hormones speed up the life cycle of the hair. This results in rapid and irreversible hair loss.

Hair loss causes: Stress

Another cause of baldness is stress. Stress, when permanent, causes the pituitary to multiply rapidly, which produces androgens considered harmful to the hair. Thus professional tensions, family problems, traumatic experiences, grief, and emotional shocks are considered to be significant causes of baldness.

Hair loss causes: nutrition

Also, an unbalanced diet can be considered a risk factor for baldness. Indeed, a diet poor in vitamins, nutrients, and trace elements, leads to dysfunction of the hair follicles. The direct consequence of this dysfunction is diffuse hair loss (diffuse alopecia).

Likewise, consuming foods with a high level of acidity (alcohol, coffee, sugar, cheese, etc.) can lead to baldness.

Hair loss causes: Fatigue

On the other hand, asthenia which results in general fatigue of the body is also one of the causes of baldness. The body, when weakened, affects the hormonal system. This leads to a decrease in hormonal secretions and consequently hair loss.

Hair loss causes: Childbirth

Note that in women, childbirth and taking certain medications after childbirth are also causes of the onset of baldness.

The effects of baldness on a person

hair loss solutions

Besides the physical change that baldness causes, this condition also has a considerable psychological and emotional impact on the affected person.

The first thing I notice when I find myself dealing with a young person suffering from baldness is that she is self-conscious, as I may have been before my transplant. She feels different from others.

People with baldness find that they are less physically attractive. This feeling is reinforced by this tendency to associate hair loss with old age.

As a result, these people feel like they are aging prematurely. Their well-being is thus affected since they no longer have the possibility of fully living their youth. As a result, they have a hard time accepting themselves physically and tend to close in on themselves.

6 Tips to live with Hair loss

Baldness is a natural phenomenon that affects many young and older people. Nevertheless, it is possible to overcome the lack of self-esteem and self-confidence that results from this pathology.
To achieve this, it will be a question of learning to accept oneself and to assume one’s baldness. Not easy, you might say, but with a little effort and time, you will see that you can be attractive and elegant even with baldness.
I grant you, losing your hair is far from a pleasant situation. But it is also not a fatality. If you have decided to assume your baldness, then a change of behavior is necessary.

Tips 1: a weapon of seduction
The first step to help you overcome this phenomenon is to accept your baldness. Rather than associate it with aging and make it complex, you can decide to see this phenomenon as a sign of maturity and why not a weapon of seduction.
The goal here is to turn your weakness which is the loss of your hair into a strength. Moreover, you may not know this, but baldness also has its advantages.
Recognizing these benefits will help you overcome the lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. I can guarantee you that in men, baldness is associated with strength and virility.
Many women see it as a major asset of seduction. It is proof that men without hair have so much elegance and charisma

Tips 2: save time and money with baldness
Baldness saves you time and allows you to save money, and yes Indeed, the absence of hair will allow you to limit the time spent at the hairdresser, or the long minutes lost in front of the mirror to try to comb you properly. Likewise, you no longer have to spend crazy amounts on the purchase of shampoos.
Tips 3: the ignorance
Ignore the crazy jokes of your friends or the negative comments of those around you. Your assurance will have no other effect than to compel their admiration and respect for you. Take a look at stars who, despite their baldness, are considered to be the most attractive people in the world. Focus on your new appearance
Tips4: love yourself
You must learn to love yourself. I also advise you to surround yourself with friends who can support you and who accept you as you are.
Tips 5: cut your hair
To better live this phase of your life, several solutions are available to you. The first thing I propose is to cut your hair very short or shave it completely.
This solution may be considered extreme, but believe me, it is the ideal response to baldness. This new cut allows you to refresh your face and try new looks.
Remember that this style of hairstyle is very fashionable right now and is popular with people of all ages. For more charm, you can let grow a little beard. I can guarantee that this is the perfect look to accentuate your charisma and elegance.
Tips 6:hats and sashes
On the other hand, there are many accessories like hats and sashes to help you embellish your new style. Don’t forget to continue taking care of your skin.

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