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Top 8 seconds quotes and sayings|movies quotes

Top 8 seconds quotes and sayings|movies quotes

8 Seconds quotes and sayings are from is American biographical comedy film directed and written by John G. Avildsen. Its title refers to the amount of time an individual bull rider must remain on the track to earn.

I am looking at international films that have achieved success over the past years. This film caught my attention, which includes many messages. Therefore, we will present to you the content of this film, the story it tells, and the most important situations that its heroes experienced over the course of the days.

Best 8 seconds quotes 

8 seconds quotes
8 seconds quotes Twenty-eight years ago film-ride-rocky-gambar-season-news-motivational and famous quotes by authors -july -aug-real-stock-money

Twenty-eight years ago, everyone loved this movie. Every families are still waiting around the clock to watch this celebre movie. In a few hours, this comedy-drama tells us about the everyday life of Lane Frost.

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Growing up in Oklahoma In Oklahoma, little Lane Frost (Cameron Finley) learns the art of the bull riding profession by the instruction of his dad, Clyde (James Rebhorn), a professional rodeo bronco driver himself.

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When he is in his teens and early adults, Lane ( Luke Perry) wanders in the Western Rodeo Circuit along with his most trusted companions Tuff Hedeman ( Stephen Baldwin) and Cody Lambert (Red Mitchell).He is awed and becomes infatuated with an aspiring young barrister, Kellie Kyle ( Cynthia Geary)

The legend and fame of Lane rise and his fame grew, so will the pressure he put on himself to be the best he can be. And he will do everything to prove that he’s as great as they claim he is. The climb to the world championships is marred by a scandal of cheating and questions about Kellie’s love for her sport and a nearly broken neck. The film takes us through the actual relationship between him and Red Rock, a bull that never could hold for eight seconds.

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It reduces the sequence to three events. In 1989, he was the second-last rider in the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. When he rides on the bull dubbed “Takin’ Care Of Business,” He dismounts following eight seconds of riding, but the bull reverses and hits him on the side with its bull’s horn, causing a fracture to the ribs and cutting off a major arterial.

Due to the massive in-serum bleeding, he passes away on the arena floor before being transported into the medical facility.

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The last scene features Hedeman in The National Finals Rodeo the following year, competing for the World championship. After the 8 second sound is rung, Hedeman rides on and remains for an additional 8 seconds to pay tribute to his deceased most beloved friend.

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Famous lane Frost quotes from 8 seconds

8 seconds quote
8 seconds quote -collection of frost quote and says -july -aug-information-Twenty-eight years ago film

(Luke Perry- frost) “I guess it’s like Bull Ridin’. You gotta stay on and try not to get bucked off.”
(Luke Perry) [to bronc in bar] “What’s your name?”
(Stephen Baldwin) [in background] “Shithead.”

8 seconds


Awwww Tuff! You wet the bed!

8 seconds quotes

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Collection of stephen baldwin quotes from 8 seconds

8 seconds quote
8 seconds quote-you need to watch it every days-second -hours-old time-jul-average -span

(Stephen Baldwin) “Were a tradition. Last of the dyin’ breed.”
(Stephen Baldwin) “Cowboy Up.”

8 seconds

Kellie Frost quotes from 8 seconds

(Cynthia Geary) “They say it’s not when you get hurt bull ridin’, it’s how bad.”
(Luke Perry) “Naa, the bulls don’t want nothing to do with ya. They just wanna buck you off and get on with their business. Asides — people heard you a lot sooner.”
(Cynthia Geary) “I don’t like Bull Riders — They’re little men with big egos. Besides, he’s got one of them skinny butts like the rest of em’.”
(Unnamed) “Honey, I judge a man more by the size of his heart than his rear — It’s likely to do you more good.”

8 seconds

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Cody Lambert quotes from 8 seconds

8 seconds quote
8 seconds quote-villanova -east -postgame-game-tournament -jul -nov-view-mar-feb

(Red Mitchell) “That’s what we need Tuff, a trademark.”
(Stephen Baldwin) “I got one, it’s hard, full of juice, and barely fits in my jeans.”
(Luke Perry) “Ohhh, Tuff.”
(Stephen Baldwin) “It’s my flask, Lane. Cody, want some OJ?”

8 seconds

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