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Best adventures in odyssey quotes

Best adventures in odyssey quotes

You find today in this article the best adventures in odyssey quotes. Top quotes from adventures in odyssey.

Top adventures in odyssey quotes about family and friends will inspire you

Adventures in Odyssey commonly abbreviated AIO or simply Odyssey is an evangelical Christian-themed radio comedy/drama series that was developed by Phil Lollar and Steve Harris for Focus on the Family in 1987

adventures in odyssey quotes


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The show centers on the town that is fictionalized in Odyssey specifically the owner’s staff, patrons, and employees of an Ice cream shop and discovery store named “Whit’s End.” The show’s episodes vary from pure comedy episodes to extremely melodramatic episodes, but they almost always include direct and thematic allusions to the Bible. Characters discuss Christianity within the context of the individual episodes. Some episodes are reenactments or reenactments of Bible stories.

The band has released 77 albums and 35 albums, AIO has released 972 half-hour radio programs thirteen pilot episodes seventeen animated video clips, 121 novels, two albums of music, and a couple of computer games, along with products that are related to the show and also the Passages spin-off series of books. The show is played on a variety of radio stations all over the United States, Canada, and across the globe.

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Adventures in odyssey quotes from Eugene meltsner

adventures in odyssey quotes
adventures in odyssey quotes-quote-book -Odysseus– adventures of homer-days-young-go-Meltsner-man-long-created-like

Odyssey Moments and memorable quotations from the wildly popular radio drama Adventures in Odyssey created and produced by Focus on the Family.

odyssey created from standard
odyssey created from standard elements–quote-book -Odysseus-game-quotations-father-friends-us-days-young

Let me assure you both, that you are in big trouble!


space odyssey
space odyssey-adventures in odyssey quotes–quote-book -Odysseus

I only wish it were. I’ve been up all night trying to repair the remote control. It’s hopeless!

iliad and odyssey
Iliad and odyssey-quote-book -Odysseus


I don’t believe this room has one; however, I believe there is a phone down the hall in the office.

tracking the adventures of homer
obliquely tracking the adventures of homer -quote-book -Odysseus


My name is Eugene Meltsner, and I’m a science student and, might I add in all modesty, a recognized genius at the Campbell County Community College.

adventures in odyssey quotes
adventures in odyssey quotes-book -Odysseus


Dear God: my new Father in heaven; I am uncharacteristically at a loss of words. So please accept my verbal fumblings as I finally respond to Your promptings.

adventures in odyssey quotes
adventures in odyssey quotes-book -Odysseus


How compassionate of you

adventures -odyssey -quotes
odyssey -quotes-ago-get-go-will-long-like-friends-car

I don’t read them at all!

adventures in odyssey quotes
adventures in odyssey quotes-Iliad and odyssey


Few things are more certain to make people search for meaning in their lives than when face-to-face with the meaning of death.

adventures in odyssey quotes
adventures in odyssey quotes-space odyssey


There are times when I’m convinced this is a game he doesn’t know the rules for!

adventures in odyssey quotes
adventures in odyssey quotes -odyssey created from standard elements

Impossible! Prepositions are not words that I end sentences with! Oops

adventures in odyssey quotes
adventures in odyssey quotes-obliquely tracking the adventures of homer

The fact that you have it dissected and strewn all over the counter

adventures in odyssey quotes
adventures in odyssey quotes–marsha-dave-nobody-honda-rodney-incorrect-nick

I believe enough substantial research has been done to determine that there is indeed a relationship between sensory stimulation and memory enhancement.

adventures in odyssey quotes
adventures in odyssey quotes-homer-marsha-dave-incorrect-nick

Studying, there are few things I appreciate more than an evening burning the midnight oil. Pouring over text after text in search of things I haven’t learned or mastered. Alas, such evenings are very rare now.

adventures in odyssey quotes
adventures in odyssey quotes-homer-meltsner–home-us-hours-mario-ago-family-mario-hours-best-home

No. Because I know almost everything there is to know

adventures in odyssey quotes
adventures in odyssey quotes-home-us-hours-mario-ago-fiction-rodney

I am not jealous!

adventures in odyssey quotes
adventures in odyssey quotes-homer-home-us-hours-mario-fiction-men-sparknotes-remember-guide-church


Begone, O ursine creature! Begone, O forest dweller! Stay away! Get thee hence!


Which naturally means that you know everything there is to know about boys and girls!


Be forewarned: I am equipped with a very heavy paperweight — and I am not afraid to use it!


Would a nervous breakdown be suitable at this time?

She wants you to kiss her hello?


Are you saying I’m paranoid, Mr. Whittaker? I suppose you’ve talked to other people about this?


I can’t believe my auricular cavities!


You’re a homeless person with a brand new car?


I returned to my room after one of my classes and my dorm room had been burgled!


For as long as you need.


It’s an off year for them in this district!


Absolutely. Why? Are you bored with me?


We should all kiss hello? One big, sloppy smooch fest?

Adventures in odyssey quotes from Bernard Walton



Let’s change out of these tuxes before we die!


One man’s Mede is another man’s Persian


Now wait a minute! Hold it! There will be no name-calling here, you bonehead.


I’m not against what other people think! I mean, it’s not my fault they’re wrong!


Just cleanin’ a few of these second-story windows. What does she think I’m doin’ up here on a ladder? Knitten’ a sweater?


Heaven knows we wouldn’t want the prison to be dirty when we’re conquered.


In your case, Eugene, singing, and tragedy go well together.


Look at City Hall. I haven’t seen it so decked out since President Eisenhower came through. They set up a podium and everything.


People never say what they mean anymore.


It’s just a small fire! Nice to roast marshmallows by, really..


How these kids can get a flag pole dirty is beyond me.


If you want to talk about unfairness, tell me why people put their gum under someone else’s table.


Mental health? Well, then you must be watching Connie!


He doesn’t have the sense God gave a rabbit all those brains.


Give a man a hammer, and he goes power-crazy!


For what it’s worth, I think your heart’s in the right place. Your brain is missing in action, but your heart’s in the right place.


Uh, just a minute, Eugene. Apparently, Connie has a crush on me or something.


Well, it is serious. I couldn’t do my job without my squeegee


You oughta see this baby. It’s so white you could turn it on its side and use it to ski on. More doors than a bus station locker room. And so long you’d have to be double-jointed just to turn the corner.


Fill me with popcorn and call me Cracker Jack!


Problem speaking? Here’s a tip. Move your lips and your tongue at the same time. It’ll make it so much easier.


Hello, Grandpa Borealis.


It’s about as uninteresting as a tuna sandwich without the pickles, I tell ya.


Minutes ticked by slowly. My life flashed before my eyes. Eh… pretty boring.


Nothin worse than a squirming kid when you’re trying to tell a story.


Well, wake up the queen and alert her to trespassers!


The what? What’d he say? These new-fangled houses can’t just have living rooms anymore.


There. That’s not bad. I don’t know why people complain about computers so much. It’s a breeze.


Hold on, Whit, don’t stop it yet. This is the best fight I’ve seen since my Aunt Bertha threw away my Uncle Ted’s golfing pants.


Well, cover me in rust and call me a pickup


Good grief, Eugene, after all, we’ve been through, you don’t think I know you by now?


I haven’t had this much fun since I had my corns removed!


You just can’t do anything the easy way, can you? The rest of the world takes trips and vacations, and you have to go on an expedition!


And when King Xerxes saw her his eyes nearly popped out of his head!

Adventures in odyssey quotes from Maude Walton

“Maude Walton: Yaaa-hoooo!
Bernard Walton: Ah… Maude just did a belly flop in the pool. A woman needs to act her age.”


Bernard Walton: Hi, what’s your name?
Maude Walton: Choodle the Chicken!!!
Bernard Walton: No, I mean your real name!!!!
Maude Walton: Huh? Oh, I’m Maude.


Bernard Walton: Maude, Maude, stop! You really don’t know me so well.
Maude Walton: Of course I do!
Bernard Walton: No, no, because if you could really see right through me, you’d know I only took this crazy class so I could get to know you, and that I haven’t stopped thinking about you since I saw you at Chick-A-Doodles, and I’m sitting here right now taking this test on whether or not I have a fear of cereal because I wanna see you again! Did you know that?
Maude Walton: Oh, Bernard… really?
Bernard Walton: Maybe I am insane.
Maude Walton: Well, I—I think I have just the thing here. <rips paper> Your prescription, Mr. Walton.
Bernard Walton: Oh, it’s a phone number.
Maude Walton: Well, maybe we can have dinner sometime.
Bernard Walton: Oh. I’m almost done with this test… you like chicken?


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